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Running: Aches, Injuries, and the Treatments for Them

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I run a lot and I even join competitions. Aside from practicing every day, every other day I would average running 5 to 10 miles a day. I would feel some injuries and pains. There are things you could do to prevent injuries and relieve pains.

The easiest way to avoid aching muscles and torn muscles is to do some stretching before your workout. It is important especially when it is cold. There are various types of stretches that you don’t have to do all of them. But do enough exercise to cover the basic muscles that you will be using. It is best to do some stretching after a warm-up and after your workout. Stretching constantly allows the body to be more flexible.

Shin splints are another common injury among serious runners. The muscles located at the front of your lower legs will feel tight and stretched and shoots pain every time you run on them. You will feel it when you walk. I had shin splints on several occasions and it is caused by the imbalance of the calf muscles becoming stronger than the shin muscles.

Shin lifts is a simple and easy remedy to prevent and overcome this injury. Place the foot on an incline with the toe pointing down. Using an ankle weight on your toes, try to lift your toes up as far as possible to where the foot is level. But at the very end of your heel, it should be touching the incline. Do the exercise one foot at a time and as many as you can. At around 40 to 60 rounds, you will start to feel some relief. Rest for a minute or two then repeat. Do the exercise once daily or every other day if you run heavily or feel the symptoms of shin splints. It will not take you long to feel better again.

Even when I had stopped competing, I still feel shin splints so I went to the Recreation Center’s weight room. I was looking for the wooden plane with a weight which I used but I can’t find it. The staff said they didn’t have that equipment because not too many people get shin splints. He helped me by showing another option to work the muscles. The horse is a weight machine where you could lift the weight that rests on your shoulders. You should position the feet on the bar that lays along the floor so the heels rest on it and you lift the toes up and down.

Another method of working the muscles is something you could do at home. Stand on the edge of the bathtub. Using your heels, lift up your toes. You don’t need to use a weight because you are standing and using the body weight. To stay safe, hold on something to keep you balanced and prevent you from harming yourself.

Julie Graham is the Marketing Rep. for Robbins Sports. It is an online provider of Track UniformsRunning Apparel, and Jogging Suits.