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Sad Day for Sports World

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There are reports that the results of the investigation done by Heisman Trophy Trust on Reggie Bush is about to be released. He is under investigation because of the violations he made while he played as the University of Southern California’s running back. His violations resulted in harsh penalties against his school. USC has relinquished the copy of the respectable award and are willing to suffer the penalties that will radically affect their football program in the span of the next 2 years.

The school was banned by the NCAA to play during the post season for the next 2 years. The scholarships for their basketball and football programs were also reduced. They will be under probation for 4 years and it’s possible that the Championship they won during the years the violation happened will be revoked.

For a school that has been so successful in the athletics field, this is a woeful situation. The entire sports world is also depressed that one of their athletes have dishonored their ethics and guidelines that brought shame to themselves and the schools and organizations they represent. We have seen several of these incidents in the last 10 years and it is diminishing the eagerness of people who like sports competitions.

Bush has continued to deny doing the violations in his past but acknowledges that he must take accountability for the consequences what happened. He was reported saying that the penalties imposed on this alma mater and its effect on him made him feel like close to dying. What really is dying is the confidence that people have towards the professional and college athletes and the programs that they participate in.

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