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Sad Day for Sports World

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Reports are that the Heisman Trophy Trust is close to releasing their findings from their investigation of Reggie Bush whose violations while playing as a running back for the University of Southern California have resulted in severe sanctions against his alma mater. Already USC has returned their copy of the prestigious award and stand to suffer consequences that will drastically affect their football program over the course of the next few years. The school has received a two year ban on their post season play, compliments of the NCAA, as well as reduced scholarships for their football and basketball programs. They will remain on probation for the next four years and there may even be a possibility that the National Championship that they won in those years of violation could be revoked.
That is a very sad scenario indeed for a school that has enjoyed so much success in the field of athletics. It is also a sad time for the entire sports world when, once again, athletes have violated ethical codes and guidelines which bring shame to themselves and the schools and student bodies that they represent. We have seen all too much of this over the past decade in the sports scene and it is eroding the enthusiasm that some people have for competition in these sporting activities.
Bush has maintained his innocence as to these wrong doings in the past but admits that he has to take responsibility for the fall out of what has occurred. He is quoted as saying that the sanctions placed against his alma mater and the effect this has had on him “feel like the closest thing to death without dying”. Something that is dying is the trust many people feel toward collegiate and professional athletes and to the programs of which they are a part.

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