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Saints Rise Up and Triumph Over Colts

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America’s two top teams fought hard and made Super Bowl 44 an exciting game to watch. The win could have gone either way right up until the last minute or so of play when a Peyton Manning pass was intercepted by Tracy Porter. The interception and resulting touchdown clinched the game for the Saints and left the Colts with too little time and virtually no chance of recovery.

There was dancing in the street on Bourbon Street and throughout the city of New Orleans to be sure. The coveted gold trophy that had evaded them for so long will now belong to the city that has so faithfully supported their beloved Saints. Choking back emotion, the games’ MVP Drew Brees, hugged his one year old son to the cheers and applause of close to 75,000 fans.

There is a lesson to be learned here about staying strong, working hard and never, never giving up, even when the odds are very much stacked against you. Who would have believed after the horrific situation that New Orleans found itself in a short four years ago when most of the city was underwater from Hurricane Katrina that they could rally and get behind a team with such energy, determination and unquenchable hope. It’s the stuff of fairy tales.

The Saints were the clear-cut underdogs coming into this Super Bowl having won only 18 post season games in the last FORTY THREE years! As fate would have it, 16 of those 18 wins came this season catapulting the team to football’s center stage. After gutsy peformances by both teams it was Drew Brees and Company taking the final bows.