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Scandals – Are They Really Bad For Sports?

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In the recent weeks, the NBA and its fans have been enraged by the Donaghy point shaving scandal. Can a scandal totally ruin a sport? There had been several scandals that rocked the history of sports. You can even read it every day in the news. Not one sport was crushed by these scandals, not even Barry Bond’s steroid scandal. Even the scandal of NHL’s most celebrated athlete has not even stopped Hockey.

What we’ve learned so far is that scandals do not ruin sports! It could ruin the individual careers of the players or knock them down from their pedestals but it will not ruin the sport itself. Every sport has survived scandals and that is living proof.

But are scandals good for sports? I tend to think they are and here’s why.

Any sports fan will not be turned off by any scandal. Take me as an example. I love soccer. It’s exciting to watch a game seeing 22 skilled athletes running up and down the soccer pitch. One of soccer’s all-time great athletes scored a vital goal during the World Cup and later was determined guilty of using illegal drugs. It did not stop me from watching Soccer. It will not lose its fan base seeing how America loves sports.

Scandals also have a way of making athletes instant celebrities. Though it gives them negative publicity, it is still media exposure. Any publicity is good publicity. Contrary to what you believe, scandals attract an audience. The press knows that the public loves knowing dirty little secrets of the rich and famous.

When Kobe Bryant was accused of rape, people started watching TV. My mother, who was a fan, was not turned off at all. She did not approve of what he did but she still watched. It’s like a car accident. You won’t like what you see but you look anyway.

Since I was a boy, I was taught to remain honest in dealing with other people. I still do that today and I am not pushing for the things that athletes are bound to do nowadays. Evidence must exist to make me believe all these scandals. It is also proof that scandals helps sports to become more popular. While it proves that scandals do not deter fans from watching, it does provide the additional excitement and intrigue that removes the boredom of sports.

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