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Seasons Change And So Do Sports

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Isn’t it great that as the seasons come and go, many of the sports change along with them. For instance, you may be a avid football fan but, let’s face it, it’s a long season and it feels pretty good when it draws to a close and it’s time to start getting excited about another sport for a while. That is how a lot of people are feeling right now as they look forward to the beginning of the basketball season. I happened to overhear a young mother addressing this topic at her son’s football game last week. She was saying that she would be glad to see the end of the football season and with it all the rough tackles her son had sustained in the sport. To her way of thinking, basketball was going to present a much needed break from watching her son get plowed into time and time again by guys that looked like they were twice his size. Since I have two young grandsons who are also avid participants in this aggressive sport, I could relate to this mother’s thinking.
It’s not that basketball isn’t intense or fast-paced because it is, and yes, there are injuries from time to time. Usually, however, you can assume that you are going to be able to watch a good, competitive battle and not see anybody break their arms or suffer a concussion. So, while I continue to be a football fan and do enjoy watching not only my own family members but also the college teams and the professional teams as well, I have to admit that I am looking forward to the start of the upcoming basketball season.

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