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Seasons Change And So Do Sports

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Seasons come and go, but the game of sports change with them. For example, you may be an avid fan of football, you watch the entire season and enjoy it even as it nears its close. You get excited as the new season for a new sport starts. That’s how most people feel right now as they anticipate the start of the basketball season.

I overheard a young mom address this issue last week at her son’s football game. She said thatwe was happy to see the end of the season for football and along with it all the injuries her son sustained with the sport. In her mind, basketball was the much needed rest between watching her son get plowed down by guys that were twice his size. I could relate to how the mom feels because I also have 2 grandsons where fans of this physical sport.

It’s not like basketball isn’t as forceful or as fast because it is. You also sustain injuries from it once in a while. However, it easy to assume that it will just be a competitive game and you will not see anyone suffer from major injuries like a concussion or broke arm. So while I still am a fan of football, I also enjoy watching basketball being played by my family members, college and professional teams. I admit I am anticipating the upcoming basketball season.

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