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Self-Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

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You have to agree that everyone wants to look healthy and at their best. The problem is it is a lot easier said than done. We grew up in a world of instant gratification and most of us think of everything that way. We just put on a DVD if we want to watch a movie. If you want to keep warm at night you can just flip on a switch and you’ll see flames on artificial logs in the fireplace. Our body, however, does not produce instant results. It functions at its best when well-nourished with healthy food and proper exercise to maintain the strength and efficiency of the bones and muscles. If we fail, the effects won’t show right away but when it does, we won’t be happy with it. Just the same way our body deteriorated gradually, neither of us can get it back into shape quickly. It will take a lot of time, effort and patience to bring your body back into shape again.

You have to condition your mind that there are no short cuts when it comes to being fit. Most of us find it hard to commit to a health program that will help us achieve our goals. We may have a good start in the morning and fall of the wagon by lunch. Or we managed very well during the week, only to lose everything you worked hard for in the weekend. We may be experts in analyzing our actions and drawbacks. But the problem why our plans get derailed is actually our lack of self-confidence.

The best thing we could do before starting a fitness program is to commit to achieving your goal. Think ahead of time and create a plan B when the original plan fails. What if you had a bad day and you reach for a cookie to make you feel good? Or you received some bad news and you resort to stress eating? You’ll realize that the temporary relief that food gave you will result to a disaster in the future. Learn to control your compulsions and food cravings will be the biggest help you can do for yourself on your road to getting back in shape. Your back up plan must help you get over the food craving when you get tempted to go out of control. You could either just cut down your intake, eat a healthy snack or do some exercise instead. Learn to ignore that inner voice that says you deserve something sweet because you deserve it. Drink a big glass of water and set about your day. You should be in control of yourself because it is you who makes the decisions on what to eat and what you should do. The right choices will bring you great results in the future. It will make a big difference on how you feel and how your life will be in general.

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