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Serena Secures Advance To Finals

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The semi-final game between Petra Kvitova and Serna Williams looks they were paired fair and even for a good part of the set though Kvitova ranked #62 and Williams came in as the #1 seed.

The Czech Republic 20 year old tennis player gave Serena a hard time but still Serena persevered and won as expected. Williams will match up with Russia’s Vera zyronareva who is coming in as #21 seed in this match. She is also distinguished as the second lowest ranking female to enter the Wimbledon finals.

Though Williams played tough and was a crowd favorite, Zyronavera was very confident and that was her strength. She is confident about her abilities as a player on the court and that she can defeat anyone. She will definitely play her best and hopes to become the best female tennis player on the earth.

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