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Shake Up In The NBA

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It would appear that Miami is going to have more “heat” than the NBA can handle when the new season starts sometime in late October. Talk about stacking a team with superstars! LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on the same team! Even the Los Angeles Lakers must be wondering how they are going to mount an attack against such formidable rivals. If you happen to live in Miami, you probably are thrilled about the news of King James joining the team, but for the rest of us, not so much. Somehow it seems a lot more interesting and a lot more fun when teams are somewhat evenly matched throughout the league and when winning the championship is a possibility for most of those teams at the beginning of the season. The way it is now, everyone has a major up-hill battle on their hands. Never say never, because sometimes the underdogs do win and we will have to hope that by some miracle that can happen this next year.

Meanwhile back in the Jazz camp things aren’t looking all that good after the signing of Carlos Boozer with the Chicago Bulls. True, the Jazz managed to get a sign and trade agreement in the negotiations but what does that really mean for us and who is left to trade? Speculation was that the Jazz hoped to get David Lee from New York but he has already agreed to join the Golden State team. Other possibilities have dwindled as well. It’s looking a little dismal out there as far as the search for a “big body” to help Deron Williams. Nothing against Paul Millsap, who has shown himself to be a force in the past, but the team could really use another big guy and it is looking like that isn’t going to happen.

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