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Shaq-Marion Trade – Good or Bad?

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I was so surprised when I heard the ESPN sportscaster announce that Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks were traded from Phoenix Suns in exchange for Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq is moved once more just after 2 years he was taken from the NBA championship. The Heat is a sorry team with a 9-40 record after trading someone after their championship win 2 seasons ago. But if the price is right for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks then the deal has to push thru.

So is this a good deal for both teams? Maybe not what people think.

For the Suns, this may be good for their immediate future. D’Antoni and Coangelo are thinking Steve Nash is near the age of retirement and only has a few good years left so they want to a championship win before that happens. They get Shaq to make that happen. Shaq could still play well despite his aging body and he could still contribute in the playoffs. For the Phoenix team to compete with the big Western body, they need a big, powerful center which is what Shaq is. Besides, the Kobe versus Shaq drama is brewing again and Shaq has some grudges to carry. This 7-foot, 350 pounds hall of famer, who has something to prove is a dangerous thing to deal with. In the long term, the trade is not a good idea. Both Shaq and Marion will be retiring in a couple of years.

For the Heat, the trade is a very good one. This could salvage their season as Shawn Marion will motivate a demoralized Miami team. Since they became Champions, Heat has been losing. No other team has had a losing streak that went down so fast like the Heat. Today, they are the worst team. Wade and his teammates could score well enough to earn points to win the games. But will they be able to sustain their defense not to be outscored? Marion will be able to help because he’s the type of player you could build around a strong team. With Wade and Haslem in the team, it will set everything right.

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