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Shifting Styles: Basketball Uniforms

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When basketball season rolls around, people of all ages, genders, and cultures flock together to eat nachos, cheer, and mourn when their favorite team loses. If you’ve been a diehard basketball fan since you were old enough to walk, then you’ve probably noticed the overall change of basketball uniforms. From short shorts to baggy pants, basketball uniforms have been a constant whirlwind of experimentation. So has any sport stayed true to their roots throughout the years? Yes – and it’s baseball. Baseball Uniforms have stayed true to their roots, driving multitudes of fans to the stadiums to eat ice cream and sing familiar tunes. The tradition of baseball is what drives fans to stadiums; and what keeps new fans coming. So before you hang up your bat and throw in your baseball, let’s look at the history of both sports’ uniforms.

During the 1920’s, basketball exploded in both competitive and recreational spectrums. Although initially basketball uniforms were quilted and pleated, they eventually morphed into a more moveable, lighter material. On the other hand, women’s uniforms took a drastically unfashionable turn during this time. Initially, women’s uniforms were skirts – which were eventually ousted, for obvious reasons – and replaced by more modern designs. Yet not to be outdone, men’s basketball had a slightly hilarious moment during the 70’s. If you can remember, the 70’s boasted an array of short shorts, tight jerseys, and lots, and lots of leg. Just 20 years later, basketball fortunately broke out of this tradition, and went the opposite way. In the 90’s, basketball shorts began to “sag,” beginning a fashion movement around the world that left mothers gasping with fear. From tighty whities to baggy, underwear-showing shorts, basketball uniforms have seen it all.

The glorious thing about baseball is that it’s consistent. Baseball uniforms have rarely strayed from their homegrown roots. Although there have been some slight modifications since the flannel shirt and straw hat, baseball has aimed to stay true to its origins. The only instance that baseball players switched up their uniforms depended upon whether they played a home game or an away game. The most drastic change made to baseball uniforms was the switch from vertical to horizontal stripes; and of course, that recognizable straw hat, which has now morphed into the ever-recognizable baseball cap. From tourists to sports players, the baseball cap has stayed with baseball players and fans alike to create one of the most recognizable traditions in the history of sports.