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Shipping – May Take Longer Than You Expect

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Robbins Sports and Athletics is an online sporting goods business and we interact with several clients on a regular basis. Our clients either visits our site or call us through our toll free line to order various sporting goods. The goods are shipped to any one of our outlets all over the country. A huge part of the business is how we handle our shipping issues. I would like to mention a few things about shipping that clients may or may not know.

1. Shipping toward the end of the Week

We do get frequent request for overnight or 2nd day air shipping for the items bought on Thursday or Friday. We are asked if it is shipped thru UPS, if they will receive the items by Saturday. UPS and Fedex rarely ship out on weekends. And even if they do, you will be charged a lot. So orders for overnight or 2nd day shipping deliveries ordered towards the end of the week will most likely arrive on Monday. If you need the item for the weekend, specifically indicate the date that you need it and prepare to pay for a premium price. Your other option is to just wait a few more days. In summary, if you are shipping Fedex overnight or UPS Ground, the quotation is based on the number of business days which is Monday to Friday. Weekends are not included.

2. Cut-off Times for shipping

Cut-off times can be confusing for clients. Every company has their own cut-off time. As an example, one company will not ship the orders placed after noontime, while another company had a 3PM cut-off time. It depends on the company where you are placing your orders with at that particular time or else it will be shipped the next day. Some customers come to us complaining that we did not ship the items on the correct date but in reality, it was processed right away. It could be that they placed their orders after the cut-off time for deliveries.

When buying an item, you must be aware of the shipping procedures of the company and follow these to the letter. If not, you might not receive your item at the time that you expect it. It would be better to confirm with the company if it will arrive on the day that you need it.