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Shooter Shirts: What Size is the Right Size?

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When playing organized basketball, teams do not like to come out wearing their uniforms. Rather, they come out in their warm-ups and they do just that – warm up and break a little sweat before the game. However, the style nowadays is to shed the cumbersome, heavy jump suits and opt for a lighter option – the shooter shirt. Shooter shirts give players just the right amount of layers to break a sweat before a game, but not tire themselves out.

Now, though, one question arises: What size is the right size? Often times we have customers call in and ask how to outfit their team. They have never bought shooter shirts before and do not know which sizes will fit their players. They ask, ’shouldn’t I get the shooter shirt one size up from the jersey so it will fit over the jersey?’ Well, this is a valid concern. Shooter shirts are supposed to fit loosely over the players jersey. Otherwise it would be to tight and limit the mobility of the player during pre-game, thus going against the point of pre-game.

Designers and manufactureres alike have taken into account the fact that shooter shirts have to go over jerseys and have adjusted the sizes accordingly. So, if your player has a large jersey, he or she should get a large shooter shirt, which will fit over the jerseys perfectly. When buying a shooter shirt, trust the knowledge and know-how of the manufacturers and get the same size shooter shirt as jersey.

Nishan Wilde is VP of Sales for Robbins Sports and Athletics, an online provider of Portable Scoreboards, Baseball Uniforms and Basketball Hoops.