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Shooter Shirts: What Size is the Right Size?

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Teams do no prefer wearing their uniforms when playing organized basketball. They would wear their warm-ups and break some sweat before the game. However, the trend nowadays is to get rid of the heavy jump suits and wear something lighter like a shooter shirt. These shirts give the players just enough layers to break out in sweat before playing the game but not to the point of tiring themselves out.

What would be the right size to wear? Often customers would call and ask how they should clothe their team. They haven’t bought shooter shirts and are clueless on what sizes fit their players. They ask if they should get a size bigger than the jersey so it fits over it. That is a valid question. Shooter shirts are meant to fit over the players loosely. Otherwise, it will be too tight and restrict the movements of the players during practice.

Manufacturers and designers have considered the fact shooter shirts have to be lose and have adjusted the sizes properly. If your player has a large sized jersey, the shooter shirt must be large to exactly fit over the jersey. Buy a shooter shirt by trusting the manufacturers and get it in the same jersey size.

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