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Should BYU Become Independent In Sports?

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Big news out of Provo recently has everyone wondering whether BYU will remain attached to the Mountain West Conference or go out on it’s own as an independent. Both choices come with ups and downs. If they choose to become independent (a choice they are leaning towards), they will have more control over their national television exposure as part of an alliance with ESPN. In addition, BYU owns it’s own television network and could broadcast any game they chose on that network. Another major factor is that they could gain more revenue and not have to share a large portion of it with a conference.
On the more negative side, they would no longer be guaranteed an automatic berth in a bowl game which is currently a benefit in belonging to a conference such as the Mountain West. It could be uncertain how many games with BCS teams they would be able to schedule and that could be a problem because they are the elite teams that BYU would be most interested in playing against.
Apparently, most of the fans are in favor of the move to disengage from the Mountain West Conference and strike out on their own to join Army, Navy and Notre Dame as the only independent college teams.

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