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Should BYU Become Independent In Sports?

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There is news spreading in Provo which had everyone wondering if BYU will be going independent or stay affiliated to the Mountain West Conference. Each choice has its advantage and disadvantage. If they decide to be independent, they have more control on their exposure on TV as part of their alliance with ESPN. BYU has its own TV network and could air any game they want on their network. They could make more income and not share a portion of it with any conference.

The disadvantage though is they will not have a guaranteed spot in a ball game which is beneficial when you belong to a conference like Mountain West. It is unsure how many games with BCS teams they could schedule. This might be a problem since BYU is interested in playing against elite team like them.

Most of their fans would prefer them to become independent from the Mountain West Conference and join Army, Navy and Notre Dame who are college teams who are independent.

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