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Should the All-star Game Decide Home Field Advantage?

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Several years ago, the MLB gave a new rule that states All-star games would determine home field advantage in the World Series. Should the All-star game play a role in the World Series? The answer to that is NO!

Nowadays, the All-star games serves as a night for entertainment and to honor determined to be worthy of inclusion. You can compare it to NBA’s 3-point and dunk contest. The MLB’s home run derby and happy, media infested atmosphere to have permanently sealed the MLB All-star game in the minds of players and the fans, that this mid season activity is just for fun and not for competition.

If so, then why should a night of relaxed baseball trump up a complete season of hard practice? Look at it this way. The Mets had to win 104 games out of 162 until the end of the season just to get a stellar record. The Yankees had to enter the playoffs as a wild card with a 50-50 record just to make it to the World Series. The Yankees, with a stroke of luck, get home field advantage because they won the All-star game in the American League. That seems to be unfair but that’s the reality today.

Even if the ruling is pointless, the players just have to go along with it and accept that they must gain home field advantage by winning the All-star games. The result would have the players having a chance to participate in the World Series most likely at their best while the others are not. It would be similar to the Barry Bonds in this world. He would be invited because he is a homerun expert, whether or not he is on steroids. But how long will he last in the game? After one or two bats just to please the crowd then the duration of the game, he will just rest. Several of the best league players will also do whatever they want just to avoid the risk of injury. The result would be, even if the player tries hard to win the game so the team could have home field advantage, it will be difficult because they take the chance for some midseason rest and relaxation.

What’s more is why would a player rely on other players from their opposing teams who do not concern his team or his own success? From my vantage point, the rule doesn’t make any sense. Only the MLB does this ruling. The other leagues understand rewarding the team putting in effort and winning, and not the team who by luck won the throwaway tribute to the league’s best players.

Rules are important in sport. Without these, you can’t really play. This one rule just doesn’t make any sense and should be thrown away.

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