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Sloan Returns To The Jazz

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For the many of us who were sad to see Jerry Sloan walk away from the team he had coached for 23 years, it was happy news that he will be back in action as a senior adviser to the Utah Jazz. While it’s true he never lead the team to a national championship, he was at the helm as they accumulated thirteen seasons of 50 plus wins as well as seven division titles during his tenure. By most standards, that’s pretty impressive. His no-nonsense, aggressive style of coaching turned out some commendable statistics and some great players who wore Utah Jazz basketball uniforms. Tyrone Corbin should be happy to see Sloan join his crew as he brings invaluable experience with him. And while he will be assuming a side-line role, his huge number of fans will be scouting him out during the upcoming Jazz season and delighting in the fact that he is back with the team that he ran so admirably well for a very long time.