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Soccer Continues Its’ Climb In Popularity

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The US is one of the few nations in the world where they don’t consider soccer as a premier sport. That notion is slowly changing as the sport has gained more interest over the years. In other countries, soccer is the most popular sporting activity for several years.

The earliest version of this sport happened in Japan some 3,000 years ago. According to history, the players used a leather ball filled with hair. It is not like the soccer balls filled with air that we used today. A game similar to how soccer is played today was being played in England in the 19th century. In 1904, teams from 7 European countries got organized under the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association). Today, no less than 208 national teams participate in this organization.

Soccer became a big business in the United States that needed new stadiums to accommodate the growing number of teams and spectators who watched them play. Additionally, media fell in love with the sport and increased their air time allotted for its coverage. It enabled millions of people to feel involved with the sport and experience excitement right in their own living rooms.

Professional soccer is not the only level of this sport that gained nationwide interest. Soccer became popular among the young ones especially in high school, intermediate and elementary grades. There were athletes who are talented and emerged from the crowd to become the stars of the team. There are well known players that have gained a sizable fan base who are happy to see them play wearing their numbers on their soccer jerseys. As soccer continues to invade the US, we’ll be seeing more teams and fans in the process.