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Some Things Are Worth The Wait

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In baseball, the most sought-after prize was claimed by the San Francisco Giants when they won the World Series. The series that concluded after 5 games showed how they emerged as baseball champions after they outplayed Texas Rangers. That was a memorable win for the Giants because the last time they won the World Series play-offs was 6 years ago. The club was still in New York City that time.

During their time in New York, the team won 5 World Championships and 14 pendants. This team has a history of having the most wins in any baseball club. They have no less than 21 National League pendants and 18 World Championship games. In the baseball world, they are known as Goliath though some of their best players were on the team just once for the win. Ironically, some popular names in baseball played for the team but did not win a championship.

One of the best players wearing the Giants uniform was Willie Mayers. He was with the team when they won the 1954 World Series and that was the only World Series win that he has. That was also the last time the club reach such a prestige. Over 50 years later, the Giants are once again leading but with a team of less known players like Edgar Renteria and Tim Lincencum. Renteria and some of his colleagues were taken off their former ball clubs at the early start of that year. They ended up being part of the World Champion Organization. It is like a dream come true for them.

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