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Some Things Are Worth The Wait

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The San Francisco Giants have claimed the most coveted prize in baseball by winning the World Series. They outplayed the Texas Rangers in a series that ended after five games and left no doubt as to who the emerging baseball champions were. It was an especially sweet win for the Giants who last won a World Series play-off fifty-six years ago when the club was still located in New York City. During their tenure in New York, the team came away with 14 pendants and five World Championships. Historically, this team has the most wins of any club in baseball. They have appeared in no less than eighteen World Championship games and have won 21 National League pendants. When it comes to the world of baseball, they have been the Goliath, although some of the great names in the sport have played for the Giants without winning a championship and some premier players were only on the team for one of those wins. Willie Mayes is arguably the greatest player to ever step up to the plate and he was wearing a Giants uniform when they swept to win the World Series in l954 which ended up being the only World Series win for Mayes. That was the last time this club rose to such a height. Now, over a half century later, the Giants again are on top but this time it is with a team of much less well know players such as Tim Lincecum and Edgar Renteria. Renteria, along with several other players on the current Giant team were cut loose from their former ball clubs earlier in the year and ended up becoming part of a World Champion organization. It’s the stuff dreams are made of to be sure.

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