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Some things to consider when ordering uniforms for your team

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In any sports, the right gear to use and/or wear can have a huge impact to the users’ performance. For instance, wearing the right basketball uniform can help players to act and move comfortably and thus performing well compared to wearing the inappropriate gear.

On the outside, it seems like looking for warm-up outfits for a sports team may seem straightforward. However, we often find buyers who became stressful over making the right decisions about purchasing uniforms for a group. Staying within budget is one of the main reason of the stress. Selecting the appropriate style and color scheme, sizing for each member of the team, and getting the product in time are the other factors causing stress.

Prepare and plan ahead of time and place your order as early as possible

If the team decided to add some flare, such as customized embroidery or screen-printing, on your team’s uniforms, it is advisable to plan ahead of time (preferably at least three weeks in advance). Designs such as mentioned above takes time to accomplish and not to mention the time of shipping the finished products. Planning and placing order with much leeway for the time can minimize stress as well as prepare for unexpected issues along the way. Of course, if there are no such flares to do with the uniform, plan ahead still. You can consider rushing your order, but like many companies, including Robbins Sports and Athletics, rushed orders come with an extra charge.

Prepare Your Logo and Design

You can create your own logo or seek assistance with the company that will do the uniform. If you have the creativeness of making your team’s logo, the better for your case. If not, you can get suggestions from your company of choice. Having your own logo and design (done in well-thought and precise manner) will simplify the process. It is best if you can supply a photo-ready digital image of your logo.

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Determine the appropriate Sizing for Members of Your Team

Sizing charts are common in most sports apparel companies. Use this to make sure each team member is fitted properly. Allot time to size up every team member to avoid mistakes in fitting. For teams that are buying larger quantities, you can ask for sample sizing from the company and use that sample and have everyone on their team try on the actual warm-ups.

Make Everyone on the Team Happy

There are many clients having one or few decision-makers in which they do not have democratic approach about the style and color of the uniform. It is advisable to be open about the style and color of the uniform to all members and come up with a design that everyone will approve. Ask for concepts from them and listen to their ideas. It is better to hear their voice than ignoring them.

Get Assistance from Your Retailer

For those who do not have much experience making purchasing decisions for sports uniforms and do not know where to start, get in touch with your potential supplier. Do not be afraid to get suggestions from them. Here at Robbins Sports, we make recommendations every day, and we have the right products that will definitely match the teams’ budgets, interests, and particulars with the sports apparel they need. Feel free to call us (866-987-7678) for help with your sports apparel needs.