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Some things to consider when ordering uniforms for your team

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The task of finding warm-up outfits for a sports team may seem straight-forward enough, but we often find purchasers who have seen their share of stress over making the right decisions when buying uniforms for a group. The most common issues a purchaser faces when ordering sports uniforms or outfits for a team include staying within budget, choosing the right style and color scheme, determining appropriate sizing for each member of the team, and getting the product in time.
Plan ahead and place your order as early as possible
Especially if you are planning to have decoration (customized embroidery or screen-printing) on your team’s uniforms, you should plan to order at least three weeks in advance. Most embroideres and screen-printers take between one and two weeks to complete a typical team uniform order of 10-20 pieces. To accomodate shipping, a good idea is to allow an extra week. Doing so will reduce the stress of wondering if your order will be done in time for the team’s first game. Many companies, including Robbins Sports and Athletics, can rush an order, but often there is an extra charge associated with moving your order to the front of the line.

Preparing Your Logo Design for Customized Embroidery or Screen Printing
Although companies who supply custom embroidered or screen-printed products can also help out with creating the design to be put on your jacket or pants, it will save you some time and money if you have a finished copy of the design that you want to have put on your uniforms. With their experience in embroidering and screen printing on their respective products, most suppliers will give feedback about how the design will look when the uniforms are finished. However, it simplifies the process if you have a good idea of what you want. It is best if you can supply a photo-ready digital image of your logo. Otherwise (e.g. if you only have a scanned image or rough draft of your design), you will likely have to pay artwork charges for someone to design or re-create your logo.

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Determining Sizing For Members of Your Team

Sports apparel companies normally have a sizing chart that can be used to make sure each team member is fitted properly. Taking thirty minutes to get the sizing information for members of your sports team you need will save you lots of hassle, headache and money when considering exchanges and replacement issues that come into play when someone gets a jacket that is too large or too small. Some of our customers even prefer to buy samples to use for sizing. For teams that are buying larger quantities, they can buy one of each size as a sample, then use that sample and have everyone on their team try on the actual warm-ups. That way they know they are getting the right fit. The samples can then be returned to have the embroidery or screen printing done along with the rest of the apparel ordered for the team.

Making Everyone on the Team Happy

Many of our customers have their purchasing decisions simplified because the coach or other decision-maker makes a choice on style and color, and asks them to simply place the order. However, many of our customers contact us needing help with satisfying the demands of ten or more people. In these cases, a good way to make the decision is to find two or three alternatives, get pricing and product information (most often available from the retailer’s web site) to show to members of the team, then let them vote on their favorite. In most cases you will find that all members of the team are likely going to accept the teams decision and be satisfied with how the uniforms turn out.

Getting Help from Your Retailer

If you don’t have much experience making purchasing decisions for uniforms or warm-ups and you don’t know where to begin with regards to determining a style, embroidery design, etc., you can always call a potential supplier and get suggestions from them. At Robbins Sports, we make recommendations every day, and we have lots of experience matching teams’ budgets, interests, and particularities with the sports apparel they need. If you are stuck not knowing where to start, feel free to call us (866-987-7678) for help with your sports apparel needs.