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Some Words About Coaches

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There are all kinds of men who attempt to coach sports. Some are heavy-handed, fiercely competitive and verbally abusive. These are generally ones that you do not want to see coaching youth as they tend to kill their spirits of the kids at the same time that they are trying to teach skills. Of course you want a coach to be competitive and to instill that emotion into their teams but you would hope that it would be done in such a way that the players retain respect and admiration for their coach. That brings me to the topic of this article, Jerry Sloan, coach of the Utah Jazz. In his twenty three seasons of coaching this team he has remained a tough, firm yet fair, caring coach. His players respect him while understanding that he demands the very best they have to give. He makes no excuses and takes no excuses for lack of preparation and not bringing everything to the game. One must conclude that his approach has had a great deal to do with the underlying strength behind the success that the Jazz have enjoyed. He is over the standard retirement age but seems as energetic and focused as ever. General Manager, Kevin O’Conner is delighted that Jerry has agreed to stay on for another year and that should make Jazz fans happy as well. Very few teams in the league are as well coached as the Utah Jazz.

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