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Speculations About Boozer Abound

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With the free-agent negotiating period opening in just four weeks, much speculation is spinning about where Jazz power forward, Carlos Boozer, will land. Seemingly, if it is up to Boozer, he will find himself in sunny Florida year around. He has on many occasions made his feelings quite clear about his love for the sunshine state, saying that he and his family made Florida their home six years ago and plan to live out their lives in that locale. Boozer has also set up youth basketball camps in various sites throughout the Miami area, which further demonstrates his on-going support and interest in that area.

He is open and direct about his friendship with Nick Arison (VP of operations for the Miami Heat) and his close personal friendship and connection with premier Heat player, Dwyane Wade. One has to wonder if this is a two-way admiration society or not, as far as Boozers’ affinity for the Miami Heat.
It seems reasonable to assume that the Heat will try to hold on to Wade as the core of their team and add strong players to support him. Many in “the know” feel that they will also try to extend their hold on Amare Stoudemire and Chris Bosh. Beyond that, who knows.

Although there have been many times that Carlos Boozer has played brilliantly for the Jazz, there have also been far too many times that he has not delivered when he was needed. Could it be that although his body has been in Utah, perhaps his heart has been in Miami?

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