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Speculations About Boozer Abound

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In just four weeks the opening for the negotiations for the free-agent players will be starting and there is speculations on where Carlos Boozer, the Jazz power forward will end up with. If it were up to him, he’d prefer to stay with sunny Florida for the whole year. He was very vocal about his love for the sunshine state saying his family has settled in Florida for the past six years, hoping it will be forever. Boozer has established youth basketballs clubs all over Miami and this shows his devotion and interest for that locale.

He is very honest and direct with his affiliations with the VP of Miami Heat, Nick Arison. He also has a close and personal friendship with Heat player, Dwyane Wade. As for Boozer’s closeness to Miami Heat, it can be two way pronged.

Its reasonable if Heat will hold on to Wade to be at the core of the team with strong players backing him up. Insiders of the team feel they will try to keep their hold on Amare Stoudemire and Chris Bosh.

Though Carlos Boozer played exceptionally for Jazz, there are several times he does not deliver what was expected of him. It could be that his heart is in Miami but his body is in Utah.

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