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Spicing Up Your Walking Routine

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A lot of people are going back to their treadmills now that the warm summer days are gone. You have to remember that by going back to doing indoor exercises, you miss out on having a breath of fresh air and beautiful scenery. A research shows that the 27% of people who work out on treadmills walk or run slower than when they are exercising outside on the pavement. There may be several reasons for this. If you are on a treadmill in an exercise room and your surroundings don’t change, it tends to make you think that you are moving fast when you actually aren’t.

It’s true that any exercise is better than not having any exercise at all. Still there is a lot of us that hope that we get the most out of our workouts. You may want to go back to walking outdoors or running even during winter. You can make adjustments with what you wear so you can bear the cold weather while doing your exercises. But if you decide you prefer the indoors to do your exercises while it is still winter, then consider leveling up your exercises so that you can have greater health benefits.