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Spicing Up Your Walking Routine

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Now that the glorious warm-weather days of summer are gone, many of us are going back to the tread-mill for our daily walks. We should be aware, however, that we may be giving up more than just better scenery and fresh air when we move back indoors for our workouts. It has been estimated that a full 27% of us walk or run slower on our treadmills than we do when we’re on the pavement outside. Possibly there are a number of reasons for this, one being that a stationary background (such as we experience in our exercise room) gives us the impression that we are moving faster than we actually are.
While it’s true that any exercise is better than no exercise at all, most of us hope to get the very most possible out of our workouts. Maybe we should consider continuing with our outdoor walks or runs (or at least alternating them with indoor workouts) longer into the winter months. Making a few changes in what we wear may make the difference. Wearing a hat and a pair of gloves can ward off a good deal of the cold air that inhibits our workout efforts. If you decide that you are strictly a fair-weather athlete and are determined to remain indoors until the temperatures cooperate, at least consider that stepping up your efforts may be necessary to insure adequate benefits.