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Sports, A Barometer Of Our Ethics?

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A lot of people display some unusual behaviors when playing in any field of sports. We have seen some repulsive and pleasing behaviors. Does engaging in sports affect a person’s ethics and attitude?

Most likely, the individual himself is responsible for that kind of behavior rather than the sports activity that he is involved with. People who are naturally sensible, fair and could control their emotions will usually exhibit these same characteristics whether they are on the field or not. Likewise, people who are by nature irrational and easily angered would show these behaviors during a competition. It is not a pleasant sight to see and it leaves a bad impression.

It is a good thing to hear about athletes who are congenial and willingly include their less talented teammates into their fold. It gives a bad feeling to hear about athletes who are demeaning and cruel to each other. There was a recent incident that happened during a ladies’ soccer match when one of the players viciously yanked the other player by her hair to the ground. It was not a pleasant sight to see and that put her in a very bad light.

There are many good things we can say about sports. It gives us all the opportunities to show how we can excel and exhibit our skills and talents that will improve our quality of life. It also serves as an stage for people to show how they can be scorned and abhorred due to their actions. A lot of parents who witness this kind of behavior are having second thoughts about allowing their children to engage in sports. It will always depend on the individual’s upbringing. Parents must be the first people to teach their children the proper behaviors. They must use the example of erring athletes as the behaviors that they must not emulate. Bad manners can be used in effectively demonstrating the negative outcomes of these behaviors.

It is such a shame that there would be some people who would avoid engaging in sports and deny themselves the experience of all the good and bad things that it could bring. Like everything else, in sports there is a balance of things. But by concentrating on its positive aspects and using these to teaching good ethics could bring a worthwhile and wonderful experience for those who are involved.