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Sports, A Barometer Of Our Ethics?

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Many of us have seen some pretty interesting behaviors demonstrated on a playing field of some type.  We have witnessed qualities that we greatly admire and also those that we find repulsive.  Does the participation in sports affect ones’ behaviors and ethics?  Is it a force for good or for ill?

 The answer to that question has more to do with the individual himself than with the activity that he is engaged in. Just as we find any number of personalities in our work environments, in our social groups and even in our families; the same is true of sport teams.  Those who are inherently fair-minded, level-headed and in control of their emotions will typically exhibit those same qualities whether on or off of a playing field.  The same can be said of those who lack those qualities and who are hot-headed and uncontrollable; we often witness the fruits of their behaviors in competition.  It is not a pretty sight and often leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the observers.

While it is heart warming to hear stories of athletes who go out of their way to include less able teammates, it is stomach turning to hear of or to see incidents where athletes are unnecessarily cruel or demeaning to one another.  Recent incidents in the sports world have demonstrated the later very vividly.  Wide coverage was shown of a women’s soccer team player who viciously yanked her opponent to the ground by her hair. For most people, her action was perceived in a very negative light.

There is so much that is good and worthwhile about sports, so many ways that it can give opportunities to excel and to demonstrate qualities and skills that will enchance life.  It also provides a platform for those who would bring shame and scorn by their actions.  Many parents must wonder as they witness gross behavior at sporting events if they want their young children to be involved at all.  Again, it comes back to the individual.  A parent must instruct and teach their children as to proper behaviors and use those who demonstrate otherwise as examples of what no to do.  As abhorrent as the actions of some may be, they can serve as effective teaching examples stressing the negative consequeneces of such behavior.

It is a shame that there are so many who would detract from the incredible experience that sports can and should be.  There is undoubtedly a balance in sports as there is in almost everything else.  Concentrating on the good and positive and teaching ther merits of such can bring about wonderful and worthwhile experiences for everyone involved.