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Sports: A Salve For Troubled Times

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People are discouraged, the economy stinks, joblessness is rampant and hopes continue to sink. Most feel rather helpless with the situation, thinking that there is very little they personally can do to change things. When there is so much gloom and frustration abounding, it is natural for people to turn to things that bring relief in some form. It might be relaxation that they seek or stimulation and excitement or maybe just plain old escape. That is where sports come in. Sports can actually provide each one of the afore-mentioned remedies.

Those who can afford it often buy tickets to watch professional teams battle it out on the gridiron or the basketball court. For some, satisfaction is found on the tennis court or the hockey fields. Millions of people derive a great deal of satisfaction from viewing sports on their television sets. Whatever your sports of choice are, it is easy to forget the cares of the day when you become completely focused on the action taking place in front of you. For a few golden hours things can seem pretty great and you can put aside the problems that normally surround you.

Such has been the case for a great many people in the storm-ravaged city of Joplin, Missouri. Although the damage suffered by this town was devastating and the effects long-lasting, the spirit of the residents was not extinguished by their tragedy. Recently the football season began and for the very first home game more than 10,000 people gathered in a stadium built to seat only 4,500 and cheered on their team. Many suggested that it was a very healing and cathartic experience.

Even more recently, our country commemorated the tragedy of 9-ll and once again pulled together as a nation with hundreds of thousands of men, women and children crowding into football stadiums throughout the country. Most began with an emotional, rousing display of our national flag and a show of honor for our fallen and for our nation and followed with an exciting, action-packed two-plus hours of thrilling sports action. And no matter which team came out on top at the end of the contest, most everyone was a winner who was able to temporarily put aside their present concerns and simply have a great time.