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Sports: A Salve For Troubled Times

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Lately, people are feeling so discouraged because of the ongoing economic crisis. There are a lot of people who are jobless and they feel helpless in their situation. At times like this when the atmosphere is very depressing, people need a source of relief or distraction so that they can temporarily escape such dire straits.

In times of financial crisis, it can be surprising that some people can still afford to buy tickets to watch their favorite game of sports. This could be their way of coping with all the gloom that financial difficulty brings about. Sports can be the remedy they seek to uplift their spirits.

There is some satisfaction that people get from watching their favorite players battle it out on the basketball courts or in the football field. Whether you are watching the game from the bleachers or in the comforts of your home, time seems to fly while you are being entertained by these games. That just goes to show how important sports is in some people’s life.

In Joplin, Missouri, sports played a big role in the city’s rehabilitation. The city suffered so much damage when it was ravaged by a storm. Recently, the football season started and it ignited the spirit of the residents. The stadium that seats 4,500 was filled by 10,000 people who wanted to watch their very first home game after the calamity. The games provided a therapeutic healing experience for the audience.

Just recently, the country honored the memory of the 9-11 tragedy. It once again gathered the people as a nation. Men, women and children filled the football stadiums by the thousands all over the country. The ceremonies began with an emotional display of the national flag to honor the fallen heroes of that day. It was then followed by 2 hours of action packed sports activities. It didn’t matter who won in the games because everyone felt they were the winners. By temporarily setting aside their concerns and just having a great time, that was truly a winning moment for everyone.