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Sports Are A Learning Lab For Life

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Perhaps one of the very best things about sports is that they can provide an arena whereby we can learn some of the greatest lessons of life. Sports give us a chance to be involved, to experience, to participate, to learn, to achieve and to grow. There may be times when we participate in various sports and feel that we do not have the physical capabilities or the skills to compete and to realize our goals. Sometimes it takes more effort than we are willing to give and sometimes more strength than we feel that we possess. It is during these times that we can learn a great deal about ourselves. Do we continue our efforts even when we do not seem to possess the energy to do so? Do we give up once we find ourselves out of our zone of comfort? Chances are that the way we handle those circumstances in the world of sports are the same way we handle the obstacles that we come up against in our lives. The only way to arrive at the top of the mountain is to keep pressing onward and upward. We must not let the stumbling blocks that we will undoubtedly encounter stop our progression. They may deter us temporarily but we must find a way to gather our strength and our determination and keep moving in spite of the physical and mental barriers that would cause us to fail.
Many bikers can attest to the fact than when they persevere in a race even when their bodies are telling them to quit, they end up with a lot more than sore muscles and fatigue. They gain the gratification of knowing that they didn’t quit when the going got tough but they hung in there and saw it through to the finish. You can’t buy that kind of satisfaction. Marathon runners often end their races completely spent physically but filled to the brim with confidence in their ability to persevere against extremely difficult conditions. It is this kind of fortitude that will allow us to climb the mountains that life may present to us.

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