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Sports Are A Learning Lab For Life

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One of the benefits you get from sports is that it provides you an arena where you learn some of great lessons on life. Sports gives you an opportunity to experience, participate, learn, achieve, grow and be involved. There are times that when we participate in sports, we feel we are incompetent because we don’t have the skills or capability to compete and achieve our goals. Sometimes it would take more than the effort and strength what we possess and willing to give.

It is at this point we learn a lot about ourselves. Should we continue even if we don’t have the energy to do so? Or do we give up once we are outside our comfort zone? Most likely, the way we deal with these obstacles in sports is the same way we handle those that come into our lives.

The only way you will reach the top of the mountain is to keep pushing forward. We should not allow stumbling blocks to get in our way. They could temporarily delay us but we should find ways to gather our energy and determination. We should keep moving forward despite the mental and physical barriers that causes us to fail.

Several bikers attest that when they persist in a race even when they feel their bodies are already giving up, they end up feeling fatigue and having more sore muscles. The gratification they felt is that knowing that they did not quit even when the going was tough but they continued until they reached the finish line. That is the kind of satisfaction that you cannot buy. Marathon runners are often completing their races physically tired but filled with so much confidence in their ability to persist even during extremely difficult situations. This kind of strength is what allows us to climb the mountains that life presents us.

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