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Sports Are Part Of The Fabric Of Our Lives

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Can you imagine a world in which there were no sports? It’s hard to picture what that would be like. No football games to gather around the t.v. to watch with the family or with a couple of good friends. No conversation around the water cooler about last night’s game or the new “hot ticket athlete” of the week. No super stars clad in their bright colored basketball uniforms or cyclists racing down the streets in their custom designed cycling jerseys. We may not realize it, but sports are a pretty significant part of the lives of most of us. Think about how early young people are exposed to the world of sports, whether it is by viewing sporting events with their families or by participating in youth activities such as little league baseball or soccer. Imagine all the fun and excitement we’d miss out on if there were no high school sports to cheer about when our kids are in their teen-age years.
While it is true that the world of sports is far from perfect, there is little doubt that it represents a substantial amount of the enjoyment one experiences on a week to week basis. We may not be enamored with the amount of money that is paid to our professional athletes but we sure do enjoy picking our favorites and becoming part of their cheering section. Yes, it would be hard to conjure up a world where we did not have the ability to jump on our bicycles for a good, long ride when we wanted to or to grab a baseball and bat and meet with friends at the local field or join up with a group at the school yard for a quick pick-up game of basketball. The truth is, sports has become an integral part of the lives of most of us