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Sports Are Part Of The Fabric Of Our Lives

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Can you visualize the world without any sports? It’s hard to imagine what that will be like. There will be no football games to watch on the TV with your family and friends. No water cooler conversations about the game last night or the hot new athlete of the week. No celebrity athletes wearing fancy cycling jerseys or brightly colored basketball uniforms that we keep a lookout for. We might not know it, but sports plays a big part of our lives.

Think of the younger generation and their exposure to sports, whether as a spectator with their families or by being the participants in these activities as a soccer or baseball player. Think of all the fun and excitement we will all miss in the absence of sports while the kids are going thru their high school and teen-age years.

Though it is true that the sporting world is not perfect, it does represent a significant portion of our weekly entertainment. The amount of money being paid to the professional athletes may not always be of our interest. But we do enjoy selecting the best players and making them our favorites to watch in every game.

It’s hard to imagine a world where we don’t have any bicycles when we want to take a long ride for exercise or for just a leisurely travel. It’s also hard not to be able to pick up a baseball bat and have a friendly game at the park with friends. Basketball is also a social game where it’s so easy to make new friends at the court while playing or shooting a few balls.