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Sports Build More Than Muscles

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There are many reasons why sports are so popular among people of all ages. Whether it is the process of learning to catch a football, shooting a basketball through the hoop or tackling a 5K or a full-on marathon there are lessons to be learned and rewards that result. Those rewards are most often not tangible but very real non-the-less. It goes back to the notion of building. Building strength, building endurance, building emotional maturity, building human connections and friendships. Sports can teach lessons and produce results that perhaps cannot be taught or produced in any other way.

When parents take the time to introduce their children to the world of sports they are opening doors and presenting opportunities that can change their lives. This is true regardless of whether that child goes on to excel in a given sport or just puts in the time, extends the energy and learns the lessons that are inherent in all sporting activities. There are rewards for stretching oneself and tackling difficult assignments that have nothing to do with trophies and accolades. The rewards of satisfaction and self-knowledge derived from exerting oneself to more than they originally thought they were capable of are far more meaningful and long-lasting than any type of ribbon or medal. Some people never get a chance to experience this type of growth and that’s sad.

Some people choose to steer their children away from sports rather than toward them because of their distaste for the competitive nature of sporting events. In truth, there are some coaches and situations that are not as nurturing as one would like but for the most part a major goal of those who instruct is to improve those that they teach. It isn’t all about winning games and striving for championships. The great coaches realize that the lessons learned on the baseball fields, the tennis courts, the wrestling mats, etc are lessons that will improve their students in all arenas of their lives.