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Sports Contribute To Schools Enrollment

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Everyone is aware that sports are a big business. Or maybe it seems. Some schools have just discovered that sports could draw in a lot of money. In 2013, no less than 26 new schools included football in their list of offerings and some of them have a small enrollment like less than 2,000. These are hard times for schools, business and individuals that’s why you will be wondering why these schools are currently adding sport programs. The main reason is that the students want to have a sports program in their school and so does the community where the schools are situated. They see it as a sign of progress for the institution and it stimulates enrollment. This is proven by the other schools who have added sports to their curriculum. Around half of the community colleges all over the US have some kind of offerings for intercollegiate sports programs.

On the other hand, few schools have removed their athletic programs and this was not a beneficial decision. Later on they found it necessary to put back these sports programs. A great number of students prefer school that has athletics and sports in their program.

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