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Sports for Seniors


Americans celebrate National Senior Citizens Day on August 21. The day is devoted to honoring the valuable contributions of senior citizens to the community. Seniors may be retired from the workplace, but they still work hard to make the world around them a better place.

Sports for seniors

Many seniors remain active and continue to enjoy sports. When not playing themselves, they may share their years of experience on the court or field by serving as coaches or advisers to younger players.

Some senior citizens may be restricted in the sports they can play due to physical limitations caused by age and illness. Walking is often a good, low-impact pursuit for senior citizens who want to exercise. There is no speed requirement for walking; participants can venture out at their own pace. Walking can benefit both the body and mind. A brisk walk outdoors can clear the head and eliminate stress.

Swimming is another good choice for seniors because it is easy on aging bones and joints. Some community pools offer aquafit classes that lead participants through various aerobic movements to the beat of rhythmic music. Aquatic exercises are good for the upper and lower extremities and do not put stress on the joints.

For seniors with a competitive streak, bowling is a great option. There are bowling leagues for participants who are 60 years old and up. The sport allows players to socialize while staying active.

Golf is another favorite for seniors. Players can stay in shape as they walk between holes. Golf courses are now available in almost every city.

Senior citizens with an affinity for ball sports can play basketball right in their driveway. They can install a portable basketball goal and play a pickup game with friends. With a group, players can divide themselves into two teams of two or three members each and play a half-court basketball game. If the group gets serious, they can purchase an outdoor scoreboard to help determine the winner of the games. Studies show that people age better when they stay active. Sports provide a great way to stay healthy into the golden years.