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Sports Highs And Lows Of 2010

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There are a lot of interesting things that happened in sports in the year 2020. Tiger Woods experienced his downfall in both his professional and personal life. He was then the best golfer and suddenly not winning a single championship event. Then, Brett Favre attempted a comeback which became a total disaster. He was not able to retain his stellar record, he even added more injuries to his body. He should have taken Kenny Roger’s song lyrics literally. It said, you have to know when to hold them or let go, you have to know when to walk away or run. Favre is having difficulty walking away from the sport that gave him fame. Today he is literally limping away from the game.

For a lot of people, the story of Michael Vick is one of this year’s good news. He is a very gifted quarterback who did not maximize his potentials. He was also involved in a lot of illegal activities that tainted his reputation and career. He served out a prison sentence that made his former life and success a thing of the past. After paying his dues, he did return to play on the football field and even played the greatest season of his life. The lesson here is that everyone deserves another chance.

There are two more success stories that are noteworthy. These involve two players who suffered severe injuries and illnesses that could potentially end their careers with their favorite sports. Kevin Curtis missed playing in 2 seasons of football because he underwent surgery and recovered from complications of testicular cancer. Last week, he signed in with the Miami Dolphins. Mehmet Okur of Utah Jazz suffered from a torn Achilles tendon in the end of the 2009-2020 season. He got sidelined for more than 8 months. He now has returned to action and is playing a better game every play.

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