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Sports Induced Concussions Remain A Concern

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Much has been said of late regarding the alarming number of concussions that occur in the arena of sports. Football players have been sidelined at what appears to be an increasing rate because of hard hits that have resulted in sometimes severe concussions. In the sport of boxing, the threat of concussion is ever present and it a cause of concern for the athletes and coaches alike. Concussions are a traumatic injury to the brain which can range from slight to actual death and are to be taken very seriously. Of particular concern is the number of young athletes whose bodies are still in the process of development. When these young people sustain such injuries that can be even more harmful than when they are sustained by an adult, particularly when the young people have had previous injury. It tends to compound the serious nature of the injury. Because of this, some lawmakers throughout the country are taking steps to reduce this problem through legislation. One of the representatives from Utah, Paul Ray, will be sponsoring a bill that will require amateur athletes who have sustained such an injury to get medical clearance before returning to play. This seems to be a very prudent action and one that may help to eliminate some of the extremely traumatic injuries that are being sustained by young, aspiring athletes.

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