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Sports Induced Concussions Remain A Concern

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There are a lot of reports about the growing number of concussions that are occurring in the sports arena. Football players are being derailed because of the increasing rate of hard hits they receive that sometimes resulted in severe concussions. In the sport of boxing, head concussions often happen and it is a major concern both for coaches and athletes. Concussions cause traumatic injury to the brain which ranges from slight to deadly and should be taken quite seriously.

Young athletes are of a particular concern because their bodies are still in the stages of development. When young people sustain these injuries they are at risk of greater harm especially if they already had a prior incident of the same injury.

Lawmakers are amending the laws to address this problem. Paul Ray, a representative from Utah, is sponsoring a bill that requires amateur athletes to get medical clearance once they get injured before they are allowed to play again. This prudent action may help remove some of the extremely traumatic injuries that young athletes sustain.

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