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Sports rivalrys, helpful or harmful?

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Rivalry adds an interesting flavor in any sports competition. It adds the spirit of excitement and enthusiasm in a game and to the pleasure of the fans. However, too much competition leads to some negative actions that often lead to some serious situations. This weekend, this sort of incident happened in the BYU-Utah play offs.

Both BYU and the UTAH teams have been having long-term rivalry that makes it interesting for their diehard fans to watch out for. If you are a fan, you understand why there is so much excitement in cheering for your favorite and while you boo the opponent at the same time. However, when things get out of control and the fans get obscene that’s when the situation gets intense and lines get crossed.

Both BYU and Utah have their won their own games against each other. For several years they have been a good match against each other and this year is not any different from the rest. What happened was this game ended with both teams in a tie. The game was extended with an overtime period and Utah added another touchdown which gave them a score of 23. However, BYU got the ball and were able to make another touchdown which won them the game with a 26-23 score. The fans ran to the field to celebrate their victory but this move just created chaos. Some of the fans from the rival team were not at all happy with their win nor were some of the players in the team.

Max Hall, the BYU quarterback, made headlines when he made some tactless remarks against Utah and expressed them before the team, the entire campus and to the fans. Some of the remarks were rude and just partly true. Hall proceeded to clarify things and apologized for his remarks. He was merely reacting to some verbal and physical assaults targeting his family during the other play-off games.

It is unfortunate that bitterness and anger had led to this incident. It’s sad that we cannot just enjoy simply cheering for our favorite teams and booing their rivals without having to create unwanted chaos. In the last game, it lead to a bad ending regardless which team had won. Hopefully, this will teach us all a lesson and we could all move forward to having better endings in the next game.