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Spring Cycling Is In Sight

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The Superbowl has now come and gone and with it the long, drawn out football season. That means it’s time to concentrate on other sports, particularly those that we associate with warm weather, like cycling.
It is reported by the Bicycle Institute of America that over 4 million people ride their bikes to work and they account for only a portion of the cycling enthusiasts in the United States. It is likely that most of them are very anxious to climb back on their bikes and to start gearing up for the season ahead. Stores have seen a jump in orders for the bright colored cycling jerseys that are typically favored by cyclists along with comfortable, stylish cycling shorts. Bike shops are busy fulfilling requests for new bikes for their customers and repairing and tuning up older bikes.
Cycling continues to increase in popularity in all the states of this country however it may surprise many to learn that Alaska is the state credited for having the highest percentage of cyclists among her population. Those statistics were recently published by the Alliance For Biking and Walking and puts down the notion that states such as Washington and Oregon with all their trails and lush scenery would be the leading states for cyclists.
Another astonishing finding by the Alliance is that 12 percent of American’s make their trips by either foot or bike. Those numbers generate some optimism that a growing number of American’s are opting for healthier modes of transportation and healthier lifestyles.