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Spring Cycling Is In Sight

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The Super bowl came and went along with the long football season. It’s now time to enjoy the warm weather and the outdoor sports that go with it like cycling.

According to the report made by the Bicycle Institute of America, 4 million people go to work riding their bikes and that is only a small percentage of cycling enthusiasts all over the US. Most likely, most of them are excited to go on their bikes and start preparing for the warm season ahead. Stores are having a spike in their sales for brightly colored cycling jerseys and cycling shorts that is the favorite gear of cycling fans. Bike shops are now busy processing requests for new bicycles for their customers and tuning up and repairs of older bikes.

As cycling gains popularity in several states, you will be surprised to know that Alaska has the highest number of cyclists in their entire population. The Alliance for Biking and Walking has recently published these statistics and even added some notes that states like Oregon and Washington are the ideal states for cyclists because of their lush scenery and challenging trails.

Another amazing discovery of the Alliance is that in America, 12 percent of the population travel by bike or on foot. These numbers indicate that a growing number of the American population are now choosing a healthier lifestyle and cleaner modes of transportation.