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Spring Football Practice Begins

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What for many people has been a long wait is finally over. As of yesterday, spring football has officially begun at many of the colleges across the country. Thousands of young men are donning their football helmets, football jerseys and pads and assembling on playing fields of colleges all over America. A new crop of previously unknown players will step up and shine and a fair number of formerly highly touted athletes will fade from the spotlight. New friendships will be formed and new crowd favorites will emerge. That is the way it is with sports.
The top ten college teams from last year were Florida State, Oregon, Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn, Michigan State, Stanford, Oklahoma, LSU and UCLA. These are all strong programs and chances are that many of these teams will find themselves on top again in the 2014 season. There will likely be some surprises, however, and perhaps some of these well recognized teams will fall from grace as other aspiring teams find success and take their well deserved place on the roster of elite teams.
There will new coaches who will attempt to prove themselves and build strong teams and rack up impressive wins such as the new head coach for Penn State. Others may fall short and lose their coveted coaching positions as their win-loss records dictate.
Much training and many changes will likely take place before the actual football season officially kicks off on August 23. This will be the earliest start in eleven years. For many people, however, it is not early enough as they’ve waited through the long winter months for their favorite sport to once again take center stage.