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Spring Soccer Training

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It is finally warming up and we are ready to get out and play.  The big game that I am looking forward to this Spring is soccer.  Soccer is not a very popular sport in the United States, however, its popularity is rapidly increasing.  On the worldwide aspect, it is probably the most played sport.

Getting out after a cold winter can be hard.  One must begin to condition and train after months of avoiding the outdoors due to the bitter cold.  For soccer, which is perhaps the most demanding sport of any, training in essential before going in to the games.  This is because players are expected to play for 45 minutes periods without breaks.  During these 45 minutes, they must walk, jog, run, and sprint.  For this reason, endurance and fitness training is the most important aspect of training for a soccer player.

The second area to focus in training for the soccer season is the train technical skills.  Juggling is a great training technique for ball control.  This will allows players to train their ball controll skills, increase balance and agility, and train muscles that are used specifically for soccer.  Another important training technique is to practice dribbling the ball.  You should learn how to move quickly without loosing control of the ball.  The last technique that I would mention is to practice shooting the ball.  Learn how to kick under control and with power.  This will be very important when it comes game time and you have the open shot.

The last area of training is mental training.  Have a positive attitude.  Don’t get frustrated.  Make yourself feel like you are a great soccer player.  Have a solid understanding of the game.  Think ahead of time how you will react in certain situations that you might encounter on the field.  Learn how others play and be able to react to their styles to improve everyone as a whole. 


Wade Boden is the Artwork Director of Robbins Sports, an online resource for Portable Soccer Goals, Soccer Uniforms, and Gym Bags.