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Spring Soccer Training

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Spring is here and it’s starting to get warm. The sport I’m looking forward to is Soccer. Though its fame is rapidly increasing all over the world, it’s not as popular in the US.

Coming out after a long winter season is a challenge. You have to condition your body before going outdoors. Like any other sport, Soccer needs training before going to the games. The players are expected to play for 45 minutes without breaks. Endurance and fitness training is essential because the players do a lot of running, walking, sprinting and jogging.

Another area to focus on is training for technical skills. Juggling is a technique used in controlling the ball. This allows players to use ball control skills, increase their balance and agility and develop the muscles they need for soccer play. Dribbling the ball is another technique they have to train for. They should be able to move fast without losing control of the ball. The last technique they should practice is how to shoot the ball. They have to learn how to control the ball by kicking with power. This is important when they have an open shot during game time.

Finally, they have to undergo mental training. Keeping a positive attitude and not get frustrated makes a great soccer player. You must understand the rules. You have to think ahead of how to react to situations you will encounter during the game. Learn the playing techniques of your rivals and know how to react to it.

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