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Spring Training – Childhood All Over Again

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Each year during spring, I take a trip with my friends to Scottsdale, Arizona to watch the San Francisco Giants play ball. Though the Giants are not doing well in the previous years, Scottsdale has become my favorite vacation place. There’s something incredibly alluring about spring baseball.

What more can you ask for? It’s a sunny, breezy day. Me and my friends lie on the damp, green grass at the left field bleachers. We have hotdogs and a cold drink on each hand while watching our favorite team play. A few days of vacation without any care in the world makes spring training so much fun.

The best part about spring training is the atmosphere. Typically, when I watch sporting events, regardless of what sport, I get too caught up in the games. I often lose sight of the ball and concentrate on how to win. I feel like a kid because it’s fun to go to the park and watch games. I don’t care who wins or loses because pre-season games are irrelevant. Instead of cursing when the Giant’s player gets fouled out, I find myself admiring the catch or the man. What’s important is the game.

Spring training provides a chance to escape from the competitive world and just relax and have a nice time at the ball park. That’s spring training for me and it makes me feel like a kid again.

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