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Spring Training – Childhood All Over Again

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Every year my friends and I take a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona in order watch our beloved San Francisco Giants play spring ball. And although the Giants have not been very good over the past fewe years, especially in the Spring, Scottsdale has become one of my favorite vacation spots in the country. There is just something incredibly alluring about baseball in the Spring.

Imagine this – A sunny yet breezy day. You and friends lying on the damp, green grass in the left field bleachers. A hot dog in one hand and a cold drink in the other, watching your favorite team playing America’s favorite pastime. What else could you ask for? A few days away from work without a care in the world. No wonder spring training is so much fun.

The best part about spring training, though, is not the endless leisure or beautiful weather. Rather, it’s the atmosphere. Usually when I go to professional sporting events, be it baseball, basketball or whatever, I am way too caught up in the outcome of the game. Often times I lose sight of the actual game of baseball and focus too much on winning. But during spring training that is not the case. I literally feel like a little kid again. It’s just fun to go to the park and watch the game. I don’t really care who wins or loses, because it is a pre-season game that means absolutely nothing. Instead of cursing under my breath when one of the Giants’ players gets out, I find myself saying ‘wow, that was a great catch’ or ‘man, the opposing pitcher has some nasty stuff.’ The game itself is what’s important.

Simply put, spring training provides an opportunity to get away from the competition-driven real world and have a nice, relaxing time at the ball park. Remember those days when you were more interested in fishing that last sunflower seed out of your pocket than catching a fly ball? Or running through the sprinklers in between the first and second game of a double header? That’s what spring training is to me and that’s why it is so much fun. It is childhood all over again.


Nishan Wilde is VP of Robbins Sports and Athletics, a national provider of Baseball Uniforms, Basketball Uniforms and Portable Scorebaords.