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Sunday Sports News

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Last Saturday night, the premier soccer team of Salt Lake, the Real, was defeated by FC Dallas. This ended their 10 game winning streak. They had everything going for them until they had this FS Dallas match-up. Nick Rimando, the goal keeper was nearly perfect and team spirits are really high. Will the team be able to shake of this loss and focus on the coming game? The fans feel that they will be able to get back up on their feet.

In camp Jazz, Kevin O’Conner was interviewed by media and he expressed his views on the recent roster changes and the impact he felt on these decisions. He said he was confident on the selections made by Raja Bell who he believes plays good defense and shoots very well. He continued saying these changes were made in a timely manner and not because he was pressured by the public or those affiliated with the team. He concluded that he felt Jazz is in a much better situation that they were 7 days ago. It is probable that more changes may happen in the future but he did not give a clue on that may be.

Now in the golf world, Tiger Woods is still trying to regain his former prowess at the sport and is still struggling to do so. He played in the British Open last Saturday and managed to get only a score of 73 which is just 12 points behind the leader, a South African player named Louis Oosthuizen. He insists that the drives were doing fine and it does what he wants but the problem he is having is the putting. He will still need to work on that. Though he lost in the British Open, he seems to still be in good spirits.

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