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Suns’ Shine In Win Against Jazz

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One would have thought that the Utah Jazz would have come out fired-up and ready to out play the Phoenix Suns on Friday night. After all, there was more than just their hopes for holding on to the number four spot in the Western Conference standings at stake. Even more important was gaining the home court advantage if the Jazz should meet up with the Suns in the play-offs. With the Suns soundly defeating Utah with a final score of 110-100 that hope has flown out the window. The team was playing once again without Andrei Kirilenko who continues to be incapacitated with a bruised calf. When he is not on the floor the Jazz struggle mightily trying to block shots. Mehmet left the game with some type of stomach ailment and did not return. Deron Williams continued to play even though he suffers from at least as many (if not more) injuries than any of the other players on the team. He seems to possess a work ethic and a mental toughness that not everyone on the team appears to have.
Coach Sloan was ejected with only a second left in the game for making contact with one of the officials. He claimed that he put his arm up to defend himself against the official who was in close proximity.
Obviously with his team playing so poorly, Sloan was not in a mood to be “messed with”. He is feeling a lot of frustration with all of the injuries his team is incurring, saying that “every time you look around, somebody else is hurt”.
It was a tough loss and a costly one as well but it’s history now. Hopefully the Jazz can come out tonight as they play the New Orleans Hornets with a good deal more intensity and shooting accuracy. It would also be very helpful to have a few more guys suit up and be ready to play.