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Super Bowl Ring or 16-0 Season: Which is More Desirable?

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The Patriots made history last weekend by becoming the first NFL team to post a 16-0 perfect record. Though Tom Brady and his team had few scares in the late-season, their games versus the Eagles, Colts, Giants and Ravens have sent them rolling into a huge upswing into the playoffs. Now, even if they will win in the Super Bowl is another matter because the regular season football and the playoffs are two worlds apart. I’d admit that if you go into the playoffs undefeated is very highly regarded.

Let’s just think of the future and try to imagine what if the Patriots did not win in the Super Bowl at all. Will it be a big disappointment for their season ending? Will the Patriots be left with nothing to celebrate about? I suppose that what I am trying to say is that if you were in their shoes, will you rather they win in the Super Bowl or just settle for the 16-0?

The Super Bowl is at the peak of its success. The team who will win it could say that they are the undisputed champion in the football world. On the other hand, The Patriots say that should they fail in winning the Super Bowl, they may not claim their supremacy in football even if they had a 16-0 status in the regular season. However, on the flip side of the coin, by going for 17 exhausting weeks in the NFL without suffering a single defeat is a hard act to follow. The Patriots already made their mark in history by doing just that feat. So tell me which is better? Making it in history or by winning the Super Bowl?

In my opinion, it will depend on the situation. If you did a survey among the hundreds of NFL players, who played yearly without tasting any success in Super Bowl, most of the players will say that they do not care how many losses they have had. As long as at the end of the day, they are wearing that ring as champions, nothing else really matters. You will get a different answer once you ask Tom Brady, Rodney Harrison or Teddy Bruschi which one they will prefer. Right now, I could not speak for any of them, but it seems like that by having won the Super Bowl already 3 times, these veterans would appreciate more a perfect season score more than another victory at the Super Bowl.

Let’s talk about Don Shula’s record. Very few teams have gone undefeated since the creation of the NFL and that is a very big thing. This is even bigger than the Super Bowl ring. It will still be up to the players to decide which is more important – a 16-0 season or the Super Bowl ring.

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