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Surviving The Chaos Of Life

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Do you often feel like you are in the center of a tornado, being whipped and spun by the constant onslaught of life’s events? If so, you are in good company. A great many people feel that their lives’ are spinning out of control these days and there does not seem to be a lot that they can do about it. So many circumstances are beyond our control; things like the state of the economy, the high unemployment rate, escalating crime, etc. The list of problems is very long indeed.

The answer seems to lie in the notion that though we may not be able to “fix” all the problems that beset the world, we can and should try to manipulate our own personal circumstances and surroundings in such a way that they are not only tolerable, but even enjoyable. Balance seems to be a critical component for a happy life. If there is too much discouragement, too many problems and too much stress, it is hard to find our way to any happiness. We need to work on getting some balance in our lives and we can do this by adding things to our schedule that bring us joy and fulfillment and even perhaps, some humor. You may be tempted to say that your calendar and your daily schedules are jam packed and there is simply no room for adding anything else but the absolute necessities. The thing is, making time for life’s joys and pleasures IS an absolute necessity. The truth is that you can take care of other people better when you have taken the time to take care of yourself. It’s the principle of the well. If you do not keep your own “well” filled, you have nothing in it to give to anyone else. So, do not consider it a luxury or a selfish motive to want to find time and experiences that will add joy and welcome diversion to your life.

For a great many people, sports offer the release from pressure and the enjoyment that are the missing ingredient in a too busy, too full life. Watching or participating in a ball game or a bike ride, or a golf game often has the ability to vanquish problems from the mind at least temporarily. You can get caught up in the excitement and enthusiasm of the moment. You might be surprised to find your worry lines are little less prominent and a smile appearing on your face a little more frequently when you involve yourself in such activities. Maybe it’s dance or theater or music that quickens your pulse and that is great, too. It does not really matter what it is that you choose to involve yourself in, just that you do it. It really will make a difference in the amount of joy and satisfaction you get out of life.

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