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Tackle Twill vs. Screen Printing – Like Majors vs. Minors

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When you want some artwork done on your basketball or baseball uniforms, you have two basic options for the logo and team name.

The first option is the Tackle Twill. It looks like a 3-D option because another layer or 2 is sewn into the uniforms. It depends on the team logo and name. Your second option is Screen Printing. The manufacturer uses a specific ink used for jerseys and prints it on the blank jerseys in the format the customer wants.

The difference between Screen Printing and Tackle Twill is the quality. Professional athletes that you watch on TV, especially baseball players, are wearing jerseys decorated with tackle twill. These uniforms are very attractive. I’m not implying that screen printing is poor quality or ugly. In fact, it too is very nice. However, the difference of the two can be compared to the major and minor leagues. One is of supreme quality while the other is a step down. Like the salaries of the major league players, they get higher pay than the minor league players. Tackle Twill is more expensive than Screen Printing because of the materials and process that goes with making it.

Essentially, what you will learn is as follows. To get really nice looking jerseys, select the Tackle Twill but prepare yourself to pay more for it. But if you are on a budget and you still want quality jerseys, you can get the Screen Printing which is a step down from the top of the line.

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