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Tackle Twill vs. Screen Printing – Like Majors vs. Minors

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When looking to get artwork done on baseball or basketball uniforms (ie: a team name and logo), there are basically two options. The first is called Tackle Twill. You might think of this as the 3-D option, as another layer or two is sewn on to the uniforms, depending on the team name or logo. The second option is called Screen Printing. For this option, essentially, the manufacturer uses ink specifically produced for jerseys and prints it onto the blank jerseys in whichever format the customer wants.

So, what is the difference between Tackle Twill and Screen Printing? It can be expressed in one word – Quality. When you watch professionals on television, especially in baseball, they are sporting jerseys decked out with tackle twill. Have you ever been watching a game and said to yourself “man, those jerseys are nice?” Chances are the jerseys that you complimented were made with tackle twill. Now, I am not saying that Screen Printing is not aesthetically pleasing or of poor quality. On the contrary! Screen Printing is very nice. However, the difference between Tackle Twill and Screen Printing is much like the difference between the majors and the minors. One is of the highest quality and one is a step down. In addition, much like major league players get higher salaries than minor league players, Tackle Twill is more costly than Screen Printing because of the labor and materials that go into making it.

Essentially, the moral of the story is as follows. If you want really nice jerseys, get the Tackle Twill. But, be prepared to pay a little more for it. If you want really nice jerseys, which may be a step down from top of the line, get Screen Printing.

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