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If you are a cyclist who rides with a team for recreational or competitive purposes, boosting their morale during those 20 miles rides is imperative in unifying the team members. How will a coach, leader, or any member unify the team? It’s not simple, but here are tips on how to increase the morale and unify them.

Get your team members their own custom cycling jerseys. It is not just for a happy surprise, it also helps them in raising awareness for biking. Ordering matching jerseys in bright colors for increased visibility during evening rides and warm up jackets would be a great way to unite the team.

What must you know about ordering a cycling jersey? Several custom cycling jerseys are designed as short sleeved, although there are options for long-sleeves. These are available upon request with an additional payment of $8.00. The standard jerseys are made with 3 back pockets and of 100% polyester quick-dry material. The team will not only enjoy the benefits of a sense of unity, but they will stay comfortable and cool all throughout those challenging bike rides. For the long winter rides, the matching warm up jackets come in handy in taking care of the team’s needs. With all of these items, you are now geared up for all the four seasons and all weather conditions.

A team with matching cycling apparel seems more organized – among themselves and to the onlookers. The more jerseys that you order, the lesser they cost by the piece. The jerseys are sold as low as $29.00 per piece when bought wholesale. Aside from increasing your team morale and unifying them, you are enjoying a great discount on professional custom jerseys that the team members will enjoy for a long time. By throwing the warm up jackets in with the jersey, you team will be well suited for all types of seasons. This will allows them to enhance their own personal pace regardless of the weather.

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