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Football season is fast approaching. While this may thrill many people, it causes a huge concern for others. In each year that the football season opens, excitement, high anticipation, and various types of concussions is to be expected. 

At present, NFL (National Football League) is involved in a settlement amounting to one billion dollars. This settlement involves former players that have developed debilitating diseases coming from concussions that they got while playing on the field. It involves approximately 21,000 retired NFL athletes. Because of these concussions, it is expected that a third of these players will likely develop Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia at some point in their lives as a result of their injuries from when they played professional football. Some are also likely to experience effects of Parkinson's disease or Lou Gehrig's disease.

While it is true that football could bring joy and excitement to the lives of the people involved in playing and watching the sport, it could also lead to harm that many do not know about. It is terribly distressing to find out that the lives of these people who are only playing their beloved sport could also be affected in a negative way.

2015 Draft Night – What To Expect?

The 2014-2015 professional basketball season wrapped up two short weeks ago with the Golden State Warriors taking home the trophy. Now it is time to get set for the upcoming season which does not officially start until mid October. Teams are deciding who they will keep and who they will cut loose and who they [...]

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What Makes A Great Coach?

In any sport, a coach is present to guide and make plays for his team. These coaches have different styles and principles that work for him. Some make winning at any cost a priority while there are others who are more interested in developing the character and skill set of his players. The kind of [...]

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Golden State Warriors Brought Home The Gold

Game six of the 2014-2015 season ended last night with the Golden State Warriors emerging as champions, bringing home the trophy. The team was lead by superstar Steph Curry, who was also awarded as the Most Valuable Player of the night, and Andre Iguodala, series MVP, who scored twenty five points each to snag the [...]

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Who Will Emerge As The NBA Champions?

The NBA Finals series between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers has been interesting so far. These two teams seem to be evenly matched. The first five games of the series have been full of action with lots of exciting lead changes, long runs, and alternate scoring coming from both sides. The teams are in [...]

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Corruption In The World Of Sports

It seems that corruption has penetrated every aspect of people's lives and this includes sports. News have spread of baseball players being suspended for the illegal use of performance enhancing drugs. There were also news of well-known athletes who crossed finish lines with sponsored cycling jerseys but also have substance abuse issues. Every kind of sport [...]

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What Makes A Winner?

One can assume that almost anyone would like to be successful at the things that they do and enjoy. Excelling at these things give people that satisfaction and fulfillment one could only hope for. For all the attempts and practices that people make, they do it for one sole purpose: to be successful. At times, [...]

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Through The Year With Sports

For everyone who loves sports, it is good to know that there is one for each part of the year. Even when the season of our favorite sports ends, there is always something else, another sport starting their season, to look forward to right after. During the long months of winter to spring, we can [...]

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Differing Opinions On Being A Multi-Sport Athlete

One of the more common ideas held by coaches is that an athlete has to focus on a single sport to succeed. This is specially true for college athletes who want to go on to play professionally. The concept is based on the idea that proficiency in a particular skill is helped along by the [...]

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Molding Individuals

There are a lot of stories about sports and sports heroes. These are the men and women that ordinary people look up to. They are emulated for whatever endearing quality they have shown as sportsmen and celebrities. For good or ill, they become the standard of behavior and the role model for countless people, including [...]

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