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Charles River apparel has been a part of Robbins Sports since 2003. Charles River apparel was conceived in 1983 by Walter Lipsett, and just like other high- end sports apparel company, Lipsett named the apparel after Charles River which is located outside of Boston MA, where he was part of the rowing team for the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Charles Apparel sells to distributors only but beats other manufacturers who sell to the public with the low prices.

One advantage of Charles Apparel is that they have a high-end formal line of outerwear that is comfortable to wear to a ball game and still can be worn to a business meeting. Their Metro Jacket and Monterey Bay Jacket are among the products in that line. Charles River apparel offers different methods of attaching a logo to their products. They are under license with several colleges, universities, organizations, and sporting goods events.

Charles River apparel offers a variety of colors, sizes, fabrics with different weights to suit the climate you would be using it. Robbins Sports has high regard for Charles River because of its quality, customer service, and because of the wide variety of products they offer. Check them out and you’ll find something that will suit your needs. Go to RobbinsSport.com to see the various offerings for Charles River apparel.