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Now more than ever, we are encountering so many changes in our lives that it’s very hard to keep up. A lot of people have lost their jobs and a lot more are on the brink of losing theirs. The income of some families has diminished and so is the value of their property. You are lucky if you were able to set aside some money for retirement. Truly with the way things are going, people have lost their faith in the government.

With a bit of luck, there are still some things that are constant like our spiritual faith and the people who we love like family and friends. We have to be grateful that in our life we still have sports. All our lives we have watched and engaged in sports. Even when things are falling apart all around us, sports is still here to stay.

The economic crash has changed our lives. We now have a different appreciation of things we took for granted years ago. The luxuries we had on a regular basis are no longer financially feasible. A lot of families have financial constraints. The only thing available for us is sports.

On the front page of every newspaper, all we see are dismal news. There is the latest bank failure, a large company in the brink of closure and a government official involved in some scandalous behavior. We take a deep sigh and turn the pages to the sports section. We find temporarily relief once we read the sports news. At the end of the day when we come home from work, the way to relax is sit on your favorite chair and watch a good game of baseball or soccer.

The country’s economic situation is no secret. We are all going thru some difficult times right now. It is a comfort to know that despite these changes, there are still some things that remain constant. That is our families, friend and sports.

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