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Taking Care Of Business

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Last nights game 4 of the Jazz/Nuigget series was intense and physically punishing. Bodies were flying all over the place and the refs seemed reluctant to make very many calls, allowing both teams to hash it out. Denver came out strong right from the beginning and were obviously determined to get a win. Luckily, their plans were thwarted by the unselfish play of the home team. Deron Williams was not on fire early in the game as far as shooting is concerned, but as usual he was a dynamo on dishing out assists. The Jazz built a 20 point lead and it looked like it was going to be easy sailing for the remainder of the game but Denver had other ideas and went on a couple of scoring runs of their own which allowed them to get within 5 points of the Jazz. Utahs’ efficiency down the stretch gave them the win with a final score of 117-106. The Denver fans can’t fault Carmello, he played great and ended up with 39 points but it just wasn’t enough to pull out a win. Boozer was terrific and ended up with 31 points and 12 rebounds for the night to go along with 24 points delivered by Deron Williams. Jazz fans are hoping for a similar outcome in Wednesday nights game 5.

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