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Taking The High Road

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Isn’t it refreshing when you hear of someone who rejects the opportunity to take revenge or to scoff at someone else’s success. In this world where there is so much greed and self promotion, it is heart-warming to see examples of those who are grateful for their opportunities and achievements and who are quick to recognize those who were instrumental in their success. Such was recently the case when Portland came to town to play against the Utah Jazz. Most Jazz fans are aware that in a summer trade, Portland acquired one of the bright, new, shinning stars on the Jazz team in Wesley Matthews. Matthews played great for the Jazz in the post-season and many were looking forward to seeing more of that great play in the future. However, Portland made a deal that was just too good to pass up to get Matthews and because of money restrictions, the Jazz reluctantly had to let him go. It was anybody’s guess as to what kind of reception Wesley Matthews would receive when he stepped onto the floor of the Energy Solutions Arena last week. Good behavior prevailed. For the most part, the reception was warm for this young player by a crowd that had hoped to see him in a Jazz uniform for many years to come. The good vibes went in both directions as Matthews volunteered that he knew he would not be in the great position he is today without what he had gained as a Jazz player under Coach Jerry Sloan. In a day when players can’t wait to start bad-mouthing the teams they leave, it is gratifying to see a young player give credit where credit is due. One can’t help but wish him well on his journey even if he is going in a different direction than we had originally hoped.

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