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Taking The High Road

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It’s a new thing when you hear about someone who refuses to take revenge or bad mouth the success of others. In the world where greed and ego reigns, it is enlightening to see someone who is grateful for their achievements and opportunities, and are quick to acknowledge who were helpful in achieving their success.

Recently, Portland came play a match up game with Utah Jazz. Most of the Jazz fans were aware of the trade that happened during summer. Portland recruited Wesley Matthews, one of the bright new stars of the Jazz team. Matthews was one of the great players of Jazz during the post season games and a lot of fans looked forward to watching him play more in the future. However, a deal too good to be passed up made Matthew transfer to Portland. Due to financial constraints, Jazz let him go.

Last week, no one knew what kind of reception he will get once Matthews steps on the floor of Energy Solutions Arena. His good behavior prevailed. The crowd gave him a warm reception by the crowd from the Jazz team who had hoped he will wear their basketball uniforms in the future. Good vibes spread all over both teams as Matthews acknowledged that he would not have gotten the great position he has today without the lessons he gained under Coach Jerry Sloan as a Jazz player.

These days when all players do is badmouth the teams they left, it is heartwarming to see this young athlete give credit to those who deserve it. One will want to wish him well even if his career took him to a different team and direction.

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