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Ten Tips For Improved Fitness

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Winter has come and everyone else is in lazy mode. This is the most difficult time of the year to stay fit and healthy. Most of the time people just stay in their houses and eat, drink and watch TV. Not much going on during this time of the year when it comes to physical activity. It can be a challenging time to put in some exercise during these months. However, it can be done.

To make this happen, you will have to do all your exercise inside your home. This allows you to take advantage of your heater. Turn it up to a comfortable temperature. Pick out a spot in your home where you can do your routine. Do your daily exercises.

The next question is what exercises can be done in your home? You will be surprised that there are a lot! Yoga is one. All you need is a yoga mat and an instructional video. Second, you can jog in place or go up and down your staircase. For now this will be your ultimate cardio-vascular exercise. The good thing is that you can do any of the two everyday for about thirty minutes.