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Ten Tips For Improved Fitness

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The winter blahs have set it and it seems hard to find the energy to even get out of bed so getting enough exercise is a struggle. This is the complaint of many of us during this difficult season of the year so we need all the help we can get to help stay in shape. For those who don’t experience this seasonal phenomenon of lack of energy and motivation, good for you. While you grab your gym bag and rush off to your workout the rest of us will appreciate some tips to help get us going.
First of all, getting enough sleep is crucial. Six to eight hours is the recommended amount of sleep necessary to avoid an appetite hormone increase which can result in weight gain. Moving the body is also critical to our overall fitness. Experts tend to agree that it isn’t necessary to do an all-out strenuous workout in order to derive benefits. A regular effort to burn excess fat by walking, jogging, dancing to music, or any number of other forms of movement will do the trick. Regular is the key word here. Make some type of exercise part of your daily routine. Get that exercise in whenever you can make the time to do so but be aware that studies have determined that morning exercise seems to be the most beneficial when it comes to reducing the motivation for food throughout the day.