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Thank You, Jazz!!

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Thank you for winning last night Jazz. It was a difficult battle, considering you played without 2 of your starters and the rest of your players were all exhausted. Thank you for not quitting when Denver got too physical and was shoving you around and they acted like a real bully. Thank you for playing hard against Carmello Anthony and making him foul out of the game, to watch you win from the bench with a score of 114-111.

Thank you, Deron Williams for being so stubborn even after Anthony gave you a tough flagrant foul and for ending with 33 points and 14 assists. Thank you Fesenko for getting in the way of the basket and playing almost 20 minutes. Thank you Jazz for keeping our hopes alive. Now if you can just play the same way in game 3 back home in Salt Lake City every Friday night. We’ll love it!

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