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The Alarming Loss Of Civility In Sports

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It is alarming to see on the playing fields and television screens a growing number of incidents where athletes behaved badly. Whether the player is wearing their football helmets or basketball jerseys, this kind of bad behavior has become so brutal that it involves physical injuries. One can be very passionate about their sport that it may cause them to utter a few cuss words here and there. But when the players start hitting each other because of how the game is played, you are left wondering if this passion has turned into rage.

There have been so many ugly incidences of this kind that left the teams sufferin penalties. They can’t deny these charges because they are caught on video by the high-tech cameras positioned in the field. It used to be that the people who were actually at the games are the only ones who witnessed these incidents. Today, these incidences can be recorded and even broadcasted across the world for everyone to see.

Even if the players are aware that there are cameras watching their every move, they manage to forget themselves and be unruly during the game. The audience is wondering if there is a deeper problem to why the athletes are no longer showing their sportsmanship. Is there a history to when all of this began?

It could have begun when kids are just starting to learn how to play in sports. They might have heard their parents name calling the coach or screaming at referees during the games. They might have adapted to this kind of behavior and carried it on into their adult life. So instead of learning the good values of teamwork and sportsmanship, the kids learn how to be rude and violent. It totally defeats the purpose of sports which is to develop and maintain a fair and respectful attitude even during a competition.