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The Art Of Getting Along

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A lot of people do not like disagreements. A very disagreeable atmosphere is very unlikeable so people tend to avoid this kind of situation. Sadly, we all have our own opinions and viewpoints that people like to air them out to be heard. This often results to some clashes. What can we do about this and how should we respond so that we could stop the escalation of a debate?

The first step is to think before you talk. This could solve a lot of misunderstandings before it starts. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about a lot of issues. However, you must express your thoughts in a way that it won’t offend anyone. This will require a lot of thinking. We will get ourselves into a lot of trouble if we choose to speak what is on our minds without thinking it over first.

We are also aware of things that tick us off or what is called “pushing the right buttons”. Other people also have their sensitive areas and somehow we sense these when we talk about certain issues or topics. When we feel that we are pushing those buttons that can lead to an argument, it is better to back off entirely or proceed carefully.

Several well intentioned discussion becomes an argument because of some misunderstood remarks or tactless responses. If you sense that the conversation is headed to that direction, choose to listen instead of speaking, just for the meantime. Let the other person lay down their thoughts and feelings. Analyze what they said in your mind for a brief second before you give a reply. When you reply, do it in a mild mannered voice. It is easy to offend someone when there is a shift in the tone or volume of voice. The opposite is also true.

Either you are at work, at home or out in the sports arena, these pointers on effective communication can help improve a lot of relationships and remove a lot of tension. If you are like most people, who do not like arguments and confrontations in your conversations and in dealing with others, try the advices given above. You will be amazed how much better you could express your ideas and how others will be more receptive to them.

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